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NextIssue: Netflix for Magazines

I am a magazine addict. I would subscribe to everything I could get my hands on if it weren’t for the clutter. And the cost. So I am thrilled with NextIssue, a all-I-can-read newsstand for my tablet. I run the Windows 8 app. But it is available for Android Tablets and iPads. For one price ($10 or $15 depending on plan),…

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Going to College via Tablet

My son will soon be a high school senior. So whenever he is willing to talk to his parents, we discuss where he wants to go and how he’s going to get there. I loved college. And he seems to be dreading it. So I’m jealous that he gets to go and I don’t. But since I have a job, car,…

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Get a Job You Can Do From Home

My sister recently lost her job. This sort of personal crisis is usually a bad thing. But she hated her job. And try as she might, could not get upset about losing it. She called me, ecstatic. “I should be scared!” She nearly sang into the phone. “I should feel rejected. I should feel bad. But I feel great! I…

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Here’s $5 for You and a Better Way to Manage It

Kids and money. It’s not enough that the first one has an endless appetite for the second one. But these days you also have to figure out to supply kids with money that they can spend in the places they are likely to buy: inside apps and games, online, and in stores. Cash will only solve one part of the…

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from Matt Groening's incomperable portrayals of Life in Hell

Marriage, Taxes, and Security Software (I’m giving one of those away)

I just spent an absurd amount of time going through every scrap of my own financial information to file my taxes. It was awful! (But I’m done early for the first time ever! Thank you Mint and TurboTax!) Every minute I spent on pouring over money spent and forgotten, I was also thinking about ways I’d rather spend my time. Mostly…

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Instagrad: An Easy Way to Beg for College Funds

I have two teenagers. So the conversations around our house – and our vacation plans – mostly revolve around college: Who wants to go where? What school should we tour next? How are your grades? How are we going to pay for this? That last one scares the #$%$ out of me. So much so that I am willing to…

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kid mistakes

The Mistakes Kids Make … Can End Very Badly

More than a decade ago, I toured a maximum security prison while researching a story on what happens to your computer when you donate it. The idea was that showing the good those computers were doing — helping to teach inmates a skill that would enable them to make a living when they got out — would make consumers feel…

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The Hazards of Filing Taxes Online

For the past few weeks, I’ve spent every free minute and quite a few not-so-free minutes – time that I I will never get back! — doing taxes. I have complicated taxes, But after trying everything else to get out of it, I have found they only get done correctly and on time if I do them myself. I lean heavily on…

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Your Future Car Was Inspired by Fish

Very rarely do two of my favorite topics — the ocean and technology — come together to create something I can (someday, if I live long enough) drive. Yet it seems automotive engineers take inspiration from the ocean, too. I got a note from one of the folks at Nissan who helped me put together my Family Circle story “Your…

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Say Goodbye to Google Reader

This is very sad. Or so I’m told. I’m not a Google Reader user. And I guess I won’t be starting now. I was sad when Google killed off Google Health. And I worry about what this means for other Google products I use. But life is full of change, right?