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Did You Leave Your Phone in a Hot Car?

I know you love your dog and would never leave her in a hot car. But maybe you haven’t admitted that you love your phone? Okay, fine. But denial, is no excuse for cruelty. Smart phones are getting more durable all the time but heat is still bad for them. And a hot car could kill your phone or your dog….

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Netflix for Families

I like Netflix better than most other things for my kids TV watching needs. It lets them watch on the device they have, lets me keep an eye on what they watch, and sometimes — when I see one of them has watched a movie I like — it sparks good dinner conversation. I shut off cable in favor of…

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too small to fail

It Is Time to Fix Education: Our Kids Are Too Small to Fail

Recently, my husband and daughter (14) enjoyed a raucous dinner conversation where she declared her love for Voltaire and jokingly attempted to work all of her recent vocabulary words — including misogyny, misanthrope, monogamy, and matriculate — into one sentence. We discussed historical popes and the French Revolution. We chatted about the life of Dickens and what motivated him to…

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Sleep Phones Bring Rest from Snoring and Barking Dogs

My husband snores. My dogs bark at animals that come too close to the house at night. Owls are loud. All of it wakes me up. I still manage to sleep but it’s often irritating sleep. So I was thrilled to try out the cute, cozy Sleep Phones ($40 in black, grey, or lavender.) It’s a simple idea: A fuzzy…

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Busy Day? Put One of These in Your Purse

  When I’m busy, I rely on my smart phone. So it’s always on a super busy day, that it decides to start demanding a charge at around dinner time. But I don’t want to stop and charge it. I want to take photos. I want to make phone calls.  I want directions. I want to use that time while…

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Is My Teen Crazy?

I have two teenagers. And sometimes I walk away from conversations with them wondering if one of us insane. My daughter has become known for her proclamation, “I am supposed to act crazy! I’m a teenager.” Is all the crazy just drama then? I do know that this is a phase like many others that preceded it and that they…

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Planning a Tech-Free Vacation

My family started taking a tech-free vacation years ago. The first time, I persuaded my family it would be fun to hike to the top of the Smoky Mountains and stay at Le Conte lodge. (That’s a view from the top above. We are above the clouds.) There are no roads going up to the lodge. The only way to…

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belkin charger

Traveling? Bring one of these.

I just spent a wonderful week in Stockholm. I went for #WindowsonLocation and stayed a couple of extra nights to tour the city. I never check a bag since a lost-baggage debacle a few years ago turned a trip from simply hectic to total, frumpy madness. So I carefully consider every item I put into my carry-on bag. At the…

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stockholm street

There’s a Geek Pride Day?

I got a bit behind on email while I was traveling to Stockholm last week for #WindowsonLocation. What with all the sailing, eating of fabulous herring (I mean that seriously; there are a million ways to eat herring there and every way I tried was awesome), trying on of raincoats, and general merry making, the 2 million product pitches in…

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A Month of Free Yoga and a Yoga Giveaway

Need a little “me” time? Trying to squeeze more exercise into a busy life. Me too. I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga lately. It’s crazy. But I’m turning into one of those crazy hot yoga people I once mocked. I wish, though, that I had a room in my house and a source of video classes so I could fit in more of it…

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