Under Construction

Welcome to my site. If you have been to my blog, GeekGirlFriends.com, this site might look familiar. That’s because I mirrored it. But I’m getting this site up and running, too. Stay tuned. I will tell tales from the trenches of…

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peppers and onions

Groceries Without Going to the Store

I used to make lists. While making lists, I often fantasized – and sometimes tried to technically solve – a world where my lists could take action. My grocery list would communicate directly with the store and get the goods…

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Is My Teen Crazy?

I have two teenagers. And sometimes I walk away from conversations with them wondering if one of us insane. My daughter has become known for her proclamation, “I am supposed to act crazy! I’m a teenager.” Is all the crazy…

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stockholm street

There’s a Geek Pride Day?

I got a bit behind on email while I was traveling to Stockholm last week for #WindowsonLocation. What with all the sailing, eating of fabulous herring (I mean that seriously; there are a million ways to eat herring there and…

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Here’s $5 for You and a Better Way to Manage It

Kids and money. It’s not enough that the first one has an endless appetite for the second one. But these days you also have to figure out to supply kids with money that they can spend in the places they…

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from Matt Groening's incomperable portrayals of Life in Hell

Marriage, Taxes, and Security Software (I’m giving one of those away)

I just spent an absurd amount of time going through every scrap of my own financial information to file my taxes. It was awful! (But I’m done early for the first time ever! Thank you Mint and TurboTax!) Every minute I…

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instagrad screen

Instagrad: An Easy Way to Beg for College Funds

I have two teenagers. So the conversations around our house – and our vacation plans – mostly revolve around college: Who wants to go where? What school should we tour next? How are your grades? How are we going to…

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kid mistakes

The Mistakes Kids Make … Can End Very Badly

More than a decade ago, I toured a maximum security prison while researching a story on what happens to your computer when you donate it. The idea was that showing the good those computers were doing — helping to teach…

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Your Future Car Was Inspired by Fish

Very rarely do two of my favorite topics — the ocean and technology — come together to create something I can (someday, if I live long enough) drive. Yet it seems automotive engineers take inspiration from the ocean, too. I…

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Say Goodbye to Google Reader

This is very sad. Or so I’m told. I’m not a Google Reader user. And I guess I won’t be starting now. I was sad when Google killed off Google Health. And I worry about what this means for other…

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