Men, Explained. (Women too.)

Taschen (the publisher) sent me a great little book — Yang Liu. Man meets Woman— yesterday. With few words, and only simple, graphic images, it does a tidy job of explaining some of the differences — cultural and psychological — between…

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Sleep Phones Bring Rest from Snoring and Barking Dogs

My husband snores. My dogs bark at animals that come too close to the house at night. Owls are loud. All of it wakes me up. I still manage to sleep but it’s often irritating sleep. So I was thrilled…

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Timmy and Alice

Facebook and Love

Have relationships gotten more complicated in the era of Facebook? Check out this retro dating advice video created by the folks at Big Fuel. (I posted it originally for Valentine’s 2010 but it’s still just as dated as ever.) You’ll…

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doctor who the geek

Gifts for a Geeky Guy

My man is a geek. So when the guys at Drivesavers – a company staffed with the sort of geek you usually only see called in on detective shows to find the clue stashed in a destroyed hard drive (because…

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hysteria geek still

A Geek Girl’s Guide to an Awesome Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, romance was something geeks could only dream about. Made socially unacceptable by a propensity to be overly enthusiastic about technology, we geeks of yore were social outcasts. In those olden times, we kept our geekiness quiet…

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salad in a lunchbot

Packing an Awesome “Green” Bag Lunch

I pack a lunch almost every day. And I’m a “green” geek. So I don’t use any disposals or plastics in the making of that lunch. It has taken years of trial and error to find gear that works every…

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hysteria screen

A Technology That Changed Women’s Lives

The folks at JimmyJane sent me the preview of the movie Hysteria (above.) It looks hilarious. I’m a fan of technologies that make life more fun. And I’ll watch anything with Rupert Everett in it. So, even without the fascinating,…

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A Green Valentine’s Day?

  I’ve been married for about a million years so Valentine’s Day isn’t really about roses spread all over the house, chocolates, and bended-knee proposals any more. It’s not that we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. In fact, he reserved spa…

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Taste of Italy = Social Network Embarrassment?

A couple of weeks ago I received a sample of a delicious Italian Amaro from Averna because its importer has launched a PR campaign to raise awareness of the beverage. It’s a desert liqueur that has apparently been around 1854….

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