Printing from a Smart Phone is Easy

It’s one of the rules of modern life that the printer will run out of ink only when the thing you are printing is urgent and you don’t have time to get more ink. This just happened to me. As…

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Screen Grab of product

Netflix for Families

I like Netflix better than most other things for my kids TV watching needs. It lets them watch on the device they have, lets me keep an eye on what they watch, and sometimes — when I see one of…

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Timmy and Alice

Facebook and Love

Have relationships gotten more complicated in the era of Facebook? Check out this retro dating advice video created by the folks at Big Fuel. (I posted it originally for Valentine’s 2010 but it’s still just as dated as ever.) You’ll…

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foursquare screen

Five Ways a Smart Phone Can Save You Money

My smart phone and I are tight. We are rarely separated for more than a few minutes. And when its battery dies at the end of the day, I plug it in for a charge and a rest and miss…

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bing haunted house

Halloween Playlists and Movies

Home for Halloween? Handing out candy? Not willing to brave the weather? Me too. I’m staying in and watching scary movies while wearing mask. But Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. So I plan to enjoy. Here’s how I’ll…

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hard drive and water

When Will Your Hard Drive Die?

I’m always telling people to back up the data on their hard drives. But I know many people never get around to it. Maybe this video that shows — in slow motion —  how a hard drive works will help…

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samsung galaxy s iii

How to Choose a Smart Phone

I did a phone conference recently with some folks from Qualcomm. These are the people who make the processor that’s powering that smart phone you can’t live without. I’ve done my share of “processor-level meetings” in my day. So I have…

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pageonce screen

A Handful of Financial Tools That Get Me Through the Day

Mint.com I rarely carry a checkbook anymore. What with the smart phone, tablet, and cosmetic purse, something had to go from my purse. I do sometimes stash a check in my wallet for piano teachers and other places that refuse…

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guy using skype

A Primer on Skype

Someone recently asked me to help her understand why she should use Skype. Personally, I think it’s fun to download tools that I don’t understand and play with them till I do. But, not everyone feels that way. If you…

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annette hands

Have Fun Watching People Build Stuff

Before I got married, I shared a house with my BFF Annette. She is a builder — maker, tinkerer, creator, artist. She has an art degree so she calls this obsession sculpture. But it is clear to all of us who know…

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