I Long for a Robot Housekeeper

I like to have a clean house. But I don’t like to clean it. I seem to have no choice in the matter. I either clean it or I watch it get dirtier and dirtier. So I don some ear buds …

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doctor who the geek

Gifts for a Geeky Guy

My man is a geek. So when the guys at Drivesavers – a company staffed with the sort of geek you usually only see called in on detective shows to find the clue stashed in a destroyed hard drive (because…

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hysteria geek still

A Geek Girl’s Guide to an Awesome Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, romance was something geeks could only dream about. Made socially unacceptable by a propensity to be overly enthusiastic about technology, we geeks of yore were social outcasts. In those olden times, we kept our geekiness quiet…

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nikon coolpix Android

Must-Have Tech from 2013 CES

I left CES in Las Vegas a week ago. So I’ve had some time to get over the geeky thrill of all that new gear and geek chatter. It was like being surrounded by people talking tech-nonsense on Star Trek and I…

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windows mobiel 8 screen

Windows 8, Hurricane Sandy, and riots in San Francisco

I thought it was going to be an ordinary working weekend. I was on my way to the sort of technology announcement I go to all the time: The launch – in San Francisco – of Windows Phone 8. I am…

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samsung galaxy s iii

How to Choose a Smart Phone

I did a phone conference recently with some folks from Qualcomm. These are the people who make the processor that’s powering that smart phone you can’t live without. I’ve done my share of “processor-level meetings” in my day. So I have…

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idapt charger

My Charger Dilemma? Solved.

You have no idea what I go through when it comes to chargers. In an average week, I get five gadgets to try out. Every single one comes with its own charger. Once in a while, the charger is marked…

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Five Fine Things

I try out a lot of gear around here. It’s all part of the daily life of a tech journalist. It’s how I keep up, how I can recommend products at the drop of a hat when an editor calls…

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hardware earings on etsy

Five Great (Bargain) Finds

Steam Punk Bling Who says handmade and unique has to be expensive? I bought a pair of these earrings and love them. I’ll be going back for more of this artist’s creations. They turn humble hardware – washers, in this case – into a…

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hysteria screen

A Technology That Changed Women’s Lives

The folks at JimmyJane sent me the preview of the movie Hysteria (above.) It looks hilarious. I’m a fan of technologies that make life more fun. And I’ll watch anything with Rupert Everett in it. So, even without the fascinating,…

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