Too many Tablets?

Maybe more people than I thought can relate to my gadget-reviewers existence, where there are always several tablets or smart phones in easy reach.


Sleep Phones Bring Rest from Snoring and Barking Dogs

My husband snores. My dogs bark at animals that come too close to the house at night. Owls are loud. All of it wakes me up. I still manage to sleep but it’s often irritating sleep. So I was thrilled…

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belkin charger

Traveling? Bring one of these.

I just spent a wonderful week in Stockholm. I went for #WindowsonLocation and stayed a couple of extra nights to tour the city. I never check a bag since a lost-baggage debacle a few years ago turned a trip from…

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stockholm street

There’s a Geek Pride Day?

I got a bit behind on email while I was traveling to Stockholm last week for #WindowsonLocation. What with all the sailing, eating of fabulous herring (I mean that seriously; there are a million ways to eat herring there and…

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A Case for Your Tablet (Giveaway!)

Remember when tablets were expensive and it was rare to see anyone sporting one? That is so last year. According to IDC, 52.5 million units sold worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2012. And that means everyone has one. (Well,…

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Ventev Chargesync_Apple_30pin_cable_Orange

Pack Like a Geek

I travel often. And, unless the trip is longer than three weeks, I don’t check a bag. The airlines have lost my luggage too many times. So I have hacked my carry-on strategy till it runs without a hitch. Even…

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sea change

On My Kindle: Sea Change

I occasionally choose books to read based on silly criteria – in direct opposition of my usual thorough examination of the author, a random three-page read test, and a look for recommendations at I just take a chance and…

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technologists screen

On My Kindle: The Technologists

I’ve worked my entire career in a field dominated by men. I haven’t really thought that much about it. My work is fun. The guys are – for the most part – an accepting and friendly bunch. Some of my…

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idapt charger

My Charger Dilemma? Solved.

You have no idea what I go through when it comes to chargers. In an average week, I get five gadgets to try out. Every single one comes with its own charger. Once in a while, the charger is marked…

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Five Fine Things

I try out a lot of gear around here. It’s all part of the daily life of a tech journalist. It’s how I keep up, how I can recommend products at the drop of a hat when an editor calls…

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