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The General Motors Design by Detroit media program Monday, January 12, 2015 at The Detroit Mercantile in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Andrea Stinson-Oliver for General Motors)

Who am I?

I’ve been a freelance writer and editor for over 15 years. And I’ve been covering technology even longer than that. I started out at PC World in the early 90s, when nerds were nerds and everyone else disdained them. My friends’ eyes glossed over if I tried to talk about the amazing things that happened at work, even when those…

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I use Pressfolio’s terrific tool to keep an online portfolio. So, if you are looking for a sample of my work, please go there. You can click here. Or click Portfolio in the Navigation bar above. I don’t always remember to put stories there but there is plenty to peruse. If you are looking for something in particular of mine,…

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I have done everything from run the department of a magazine to pull together special interest publications for large media companies. I also write short pieces for Web sites and magazines. I write long form features for print publications or online. (This was once my mainstay. Don’t get me started on the demise of long form.) I build and maintain…

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Where am I?

I’m including a post here on where I am, though I’m a pretty private person, because I get invited to events in New York, San Francisco, and other places I don’t live. I am a freelance writer. And I like new cities. So I don’t promise this will be true forever. And it hasn’t been true for very long. But…

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Techish Women

  I have been lately working with the delightful Jennifer Jolly at Techish.com. Come check it out. We are having a blast. I am always looking for deals for my DEALish! column there. So if you have any, let me know.

Under Construction

Welcome to my site. If you have been to my blog, GeekGirlFriends.com, this site might look familiar. That’s because I mirrored it. But I’m getting this site up and running, too. Stay tuned. I will tell tales from the trenches of modern magazine writing, share cool tech I see in my travels, offer advice on what to pitch me, or maybe…

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